Super 5 coupon

A Super 5 coupon is a paper on which player write down their hopeful winning numbers.

The coupon shows the the numbers and the different playing options. These are displayed in red boxes making them stick out and easy to recognise.

Players should mark their choice of numbers with a line or an X on the Super five coupon

Players should not write outside the box when they are marking their coupon, or they risk the chance of having to refill it if the ticket scanner has problems reading it.

If a player does not wish to make use of one of the game areas, he/she should mark the box titles ‘Void’ for that particular game area.

Have a look below to see what a Super Five Coupon looks like

Super 5 Coupon

The super 5 coupon should be filled with a black pen or a blue on. Players should not fill in their tickets with pencil, fountain pens, or red ink. Players are also advised not to use any correction fluids such as ‘tippex’ on their coupons.

The super 5 coupons are free of charge and these are provided by the Maltco Lotteries at any of their resellers and Super five points of sale. These lotto booths are spread around the islands of Malta and Gozo, and one can find their nearest one by visiting the Super 5 points of sale section of Super 5 Results.

A coupon for the Super 5 may be used, keeping the same selections and passed through the lotto super 5 machine more than once. As long as the ticket is still in a good shape without any major folds or distortions the ticket will be readable in the ticketing system.